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Oregon Imaging Centers is Lane County's premier, comprehensive multi-modality medical imaging center. Sub-specialized radiologists will interpret your imaging study. When it comes to medical imaging, these are the most highly trained physicians in the industry.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) accredits all of our modalities to the highest standard in the industry. Oregon Imaging Centers offer imaging services at five locations in a comfortable outpatient setting.

Medical Imaging Services

Bone Density - Uses Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) to measure bone density and detect osteoporosis.

Computed Tomography - A CT scan uses X-rays to produce multiple images (either two-dimensional or three-dimensional) of the inside of the body, which are examined on a computer monitor.

Fluoroscopy - An enhanced X-ray that produces "live" images on a television-like monitor.

Digital Mammography - Uses X-rays to create a digital image of the breast, which is viewed on a computer monitor.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - A MRI scan utilizes a powerful magnet to render images of the anatomy.

Pediatrics - Comprehensive imaging services working with the most complex pediatric imaging cases.

Positron Emissions Tomography / Computed Tomography - PET/CT is a diagnostic scan that measures metabolic activity and cellular function.

Ultrasound - Bounces high-frequency sound waves off the anatomy and captures the returning "echoes" to create images.

X-ray - Uses electromagnetic radiation to create images of the body.


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