Annual mammograms save lives. Make time.
If you’re 40 or over and it’s been more than a year since you’ve had a mammogram, make an appointment now. No referral is necessary. A mammogram takes just 20 minutes and we offer them in Eugene and Springfield.  Schedule your appointment.
The finest details are yours to see, thanks to our 3T MRI. Oregon Imaging’s 3T MRI is amazing. It’s the most powerful MRI available, so we can capture extremely fine details of your body’s inner workings. Plus, the 3T feels more open than other MRIs, and can accommodate people of all sizes.
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Low-Dose CT for 70% Less Exposure
Our patients encompass all ages, from infants and up. We are committed to treating each person with gentleness and professionalism.
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Oregon Imaging Centers is here for one reason: to provide the precise imaging and expert analysis your physician team needs to provide you with the best care. Whatever your imaging needs, we have the specialized radiologists and staff to care for you, from head to toe.

It’s amazing what we can see using the latest in imaging equipment. From our 3T MRI, low-dose CT, X-ray, ultrasound, PET/CT, DXA and all-digital mammography services, we have the tools to help with early detection as well as diagnosis.

Oregon Imaging Centers is the area’s most comprehensive provider of medical imaging services. Our full range of specialists and equipment are conveniently located at University District in Eugene and on the RiverBend campus in Springfield.

Get a glimpse of our 3T MRI and hear Dr. Akshay Gupta and Dr. Stephan Thiede explain what makes it a remarkable tool for Oregon Imaging Centers patients. Watch video.

What is Breast Density? New state law requires that all mammogram results letters provide the patient with information about her breast density. Read on.

Oregon Imaging Centers News:
From minor updates about changes in our practices, to features highlighting interesting work we’ve done, you’ll find it here. This section of news is specific to Oregon Imaging Centers.

OIC, from the Business Perspective
Dr. Thiede talks with the Eugene Chamber of Commerce about trends and the importance of local business. Read more.
Old bone, new technology merge when paleontologist uses ct scanner
This week, University of Oregon paleontologist Edward Byrd Davis brought in a fossil. Read on...
New MRI better for patients Oregon Imaging Centers' introduces a new MRI featuring a 3 tesla strength magnet - the strongest magnet clinically available. Read on...