John Dohrman MD

Nuclear Imaging

An anthropology major when he was in college, Dr. John Dohrman has long been drawn to radiology because of its unique interplay between humanity and technology.

The Iowa native says that radiology gives physicians like him and his colleagues an extremely useful way to visualize both wellness and disease while caring for people – without hurting them or causing them any pain. “It’s amazing how powerful a tool it is,” he says.

His wife, Rebecca, is a lawyer and an urban planner.

“Coming from the Midwest, it’s really been fun for us to explore the coast and the mountains of Oregon,” he says. “This is a beautiful state.”

Dohrman graduated from the University of Iowa Medical School in 2002. He completed his radiology residency at Indiana University Medical Center, where he also completed a fellowship in nuclear medicine.

Jon Ekstrom MD

Women’s Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics

“I like radiology because you have to have a working knowledge of many different medical fields,” Dr. Jon Ekstrom says. “Working with the technology is very exciting. The older I get, however, the more satisfaction I get from the patient side of things. You have to be a doctor here. You have to have a bedside manner,”

A Eugene native, Ekstrom and his wife run their own small farm on the McKenzie River, where they take care of chickens and bees and grow grapes to make their own wine.

They are cyclists, and they also enjoy traveling – often with their four children.

Ekstrom studied medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. He had a fellowship at the University of Washington, specializing in MRI, CT and ultrasound. He also completed a pediatric radiology residency at University of Colorado in Denver.

Donald Garbett MD

Vascular, Interventional

Long before Dr. Garbett headed to medical school, the bug had bitten. As an 8-year-old, he spent hours as his mother’s nursing school study partner. After high school, he became an army medic, then a nurse and then studied medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

While he was in medical school, his father was diagnosed with liver cancer, and his treatment utilized vascular interventional radiology. This personal exposure to such a specialized track motivated Dr. Garbett

to complete his Radiology residency at Aurora St. Luke’s in Milwaukee. He topped off his preparations with a fellowship in Vascular Interventional Radiology at Indiana University.

Dr. Garbett and his wife, a Nurse Practitioner, met in Chicago. They have friends and family in Oregon, and love hiking, biking and fresh air. When the opportunity to serve Oregon Imaging Centers presented itself, the Garbetts seized it and settled in with their three Chihuahuas (that’s a lot of muddy paws).

Robert Gunderman MD

Body Imaging, Women’s Imaging

When Dr. Robert Gunderman first encountered the work of radiologists – this was while he was in medical school in Ohio – he thought they were the answer people of medicine.

The radiologists knew everything,” he says. “What’s happened to the patient. What’s going to happen with the patient. They were the doctors’ doctors.”

Gunderman, though, is adamant that patients come before technology.

“If the computer can do it better and quicker, I’m all for it,” he says. “But let’s not replace everything with computers.” He also insists that patients are in charge of their own health. “We are here to help you,” he says. “But the job is really yours.”

Gunderman received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1979 and completed his residency in 1983 at Indiana University Medical Center with an emphasis on interventional radiology and ultrasound.

Akshay Gupta MD


Being a radiologist is a bit like being a detective, says Dr. Akshay Gupta – one with a very powerful magnifying glass.

Gupta, an economics major in college, started off working in the financial industry – but soon discovered he was more interested in helping people. He especially likes the precision and detail of working with medical imaging.

“One of the critical parts of our job is to design tests that answer questions,” he says. “And that’s the most rewarding aspect of my work.”

He and his wife have three children – all of whom are in various ski racing programs at Mount Bachelor. “And we are rabid Duck fans in football and basketball,” he adds.

Gupta completed his undergraduate education at Duke University and medical education at Louisiana State University. After residency at Tulane University he completed a two-year neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Utah.

Jerrell Ingalls MD

Musculoskeletal, Women's Imaging

Dr. Jerrell Ingalls spent four years working in private practice in Las Vegas where his wife, Nichole, was an Air Force trauma surgeon at Nellis Air Force Base. He came to Oregon Imaging Centers -- and Oregon -- in 2015.

Originally from Louisiana, he did his undergraduate work at Louisiana State University and went to medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

He did his residency at Michigan State University and a fellowship at the University of Cincinnati.

“I like to solve problems,” he says of his work in radiology. “I'm kind of a math nerd. I really enjoy sitting down with a problem and trying to come up with the answer.” Dr. Ingalls specializes in Musculoskeletal and also works in Women’s Imaging.

He and his wife have three children and enjoy mountain biking and hiking.

Bernie Isuani MD

Vascular, Interventional

Dr. Bernie Isuani’s father is also a radiologist. “He started when it was just x-ray and ultrasound, and CT was just getting off the ground,” he says of his dad’s practice. “It’s a completely different world now, night and day.”

Isuani grew up in Texas and returned there for medical school. He became an interventional radiologist because the field offers two distinct rewards: the opportunity to care for patients, as well as the challenges of making diagnoses.

He and his wife, an MRI technologist he met in Texas, have two daughters. They came to Eugene in 2004 and enjoy skiing and snowboarding whenever they can.

Isuani majored in biology and economics at Stanford University. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas. He completed his radiology residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He received an additional year of training in vascular and interventional radiology at the University of Utah.

Corey Orton MD

Body Imaging and Interventional

Dr. Corey Orton loves the puzzle-solving aspect of his job. “I just like diagnostics,” he says. “I like the process of making the decision about what’s going on with people.”

Born and reared near Atlanta, Georgia, Orton went to both college and medical school at Emory University there. He did his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, and then returned to Emory for a fellowship in abdominal imaging. He started work at Oregon Imaging Centers in July 2016.

Moving to Oregon was quite a change for him and his wife, Chrissy Mattucci, both a couple of southerners. “We both visited,” he says. “And it was awesome. We’d both been in the Southeast our whole lives. We love the Northwest.” He and Chrissy are also both animal lovers. She works with a nationwide dog rescue organization, and the couple has three dogs of their own: A golden retriever mix, a dachshund mix and a hound mix.

Marius Pakalniskis MD

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Dr. Marius Pakalniskis – some people simply call him “Dr. Pak” – got his love of medicine from his father, a radiologist who practices in Chicago. “He was very enthusiastic about what he did, and I got a very intimate understanding of the field from him,” Pakalniskis says.

After a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago, Pakalniskis studied medicine at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine in New Hampshire. He did an internship at Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago,

a residency at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City and a fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. He joined us in 2016.

His wife, Brittany Pakalniskis, is also a physician, specializing in pathology. The couple decided they wanted to live in the Northwest. We fell in love with the Northwest when we were in Seattle,” he says. “We love the outdoors and we love the access to nature here. We run and cycle, and once winter sets in, I’ll be going skiing.”

Alex Schabel MD


Dr. Alex Schabel studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate and worked for Intel before switching careers and heading off to medical school.

He finds the field of radiology stimulating because of the wide variety of people and problems he encounters. He can help patients of all kinds by making detailed images of their bodies. “A lot of interesting cases come through our office,” he says. “From an intellectual standpoint, radiology is fascinating.”

Married with two small children, Schabel enjoys travel, backpacking and photography, and has played a lot of soccer in his life.

Schabel received his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota in 1999 and his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2006. He went on to complete an internship in general surgery at the University of Washington and a radiology residency and neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Utah.

Jonathan Sims MD, MBA, CF-L1

Women’s Imaging, Musculoskeletal

While serving a fellowship at the University of South Florida, Dr. Jonathan Sims had the opportunity to scan some of the toughest muscles and skeletons in the world. They belonged to athletes with teams like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the University of South Florida Bulls.

He learned one surprising thing, the radiologist says: “Hockey players are scared of needles.”

Sims appreciates the place that radiology occupies in medicine. “We solve a lot of puzzles and we answer a lot of questions,” he says. “Quite often we are the ones who ultimately come up with a diagnosis.”

He and his wife have two sons.

Sims received his medical degree and MBA from the University of South Florida, where he also completed his residency and internship. In 2007, he completed his fellowship in musculoskeletal MRI.

Stephan Thiede MD


Born in Germany, Dr. Stephan Thiede came to the United States as a high school student for summer school. He liked studying here so much, he just stayed on.

He especially enjoyed the hands-on nature of science classes in the U.S. In Germany, he had learned about biology from books. Here, he did actual dissections.

As an expert radiologist, Thiede loves the ability to find answers.

“You look at images, and within a couple minutes you can give an answer,” he says. “The power of helping people is amazing – and all that without causing any pain.”

He and his family enjoy biking and hiking around Eugene.

Thiede received his medical degree and completed his radiology residency at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He completed a two-year neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Utah.

David Tsai MD

Musculoskeletal, Trauma

Among his other feats, Dr. David Tsai spent a year – between his medical residency and a fellowship – racing bicycles in Europe and the United States. That makes Eugene a perfect place for him to practice radiology. “Eugene is one of the best places there is to ride a road bike,” he says. Tsai’s father was a radiologist and tried to talk him into another specialty. “But I was never one to listen to my parents,” he says.

He and his wife have four children, a boy and three girls.

Tsai got his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He trained in diagnostic radiology at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center. He completed his fellowship training at Washington University’s Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in musculoskeletal imaging. He also completed a second fellowship at University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center in Trauma and Emergency Imaging.

Paul Wilson MD

Vascular, Interventional

Born in the small eastern Oregon town of Nyssa, Dr. Paul Wilson decided when he was four years old that he wanted to be a doctor.

He went to the University of Oregon, where he studied biology, and got his medical training in Portland at the former UO Medical School – now Oregon Health and Science University – in 1972.

His interest in radiology came early on: It was a way for him to help people. “I found the thing I have the most talent for,” Wilson says.

His interest in radiology came early on: It was a way for him to help people. “I found the thing I have the most talent for,” Wilson says.

Wilson has been instrumental in developing interventional and angioplasty services at Sacred Heart Medical Center. After medical school he completed a fellowship program at University of California, San Diego, in ultrasound, CT and angiography.

Erik Young MD, Ph.D.

Body Imaging

“This is where the action is,” says Dr. Erik Young of the field of radiology. “This is the crossroads, the place where a lot of major decisions are made. It all comes down to the images.”

That’s what got him involved in radiology and what keeps him there: The chance to care for people by using the most advanced tools available.

Young, an Arkansas native who has a doctorate in theoretical physics besides his medical degree, says the next technological frontier in medicine will be

molecular imaging. That means using specially designed chemical tags in the body that will help find, for example, small tumors and make them visible on scans.

Married with two children, he does a lot of hiking to waterfalls around Oregon.

Young got his medical degree from the University of Arkansas, where he also served his residency training. He did a radiology fellowship in body imaging at the University of California.

Dariusz Zawierucha MD

Vascular, Interventional

“Everyone calls me ‘Z,’” is how Dr. Dariusz Zawierucha begins many of his conversations with patients.

Zawierucha did his medical training at Stanford Medical School. “In medical school I was thinking of surgery,” he says. “Then I did a rotation in interventional radiology....” The combination of working directly with patients and with digital technology lured him into radiology, which allows him to use high-tech tools to offer expert, compassionate care.

A father of three, Zawierucha enjoys movies and reading on his time off, as well as Eugene’s many hiking opportunities.

Educated at the State University of New York and at Stanford University, where he got his medical degree in 1993, he completed his residency there in diagnostic radiology and fellowship in interventional radiology. Zawierucha is a native of Poland and speaks four languages – English, Polish, Russian and German.

Thomas Koehler PA-C

Physician Assitant

Tom Koehler received his degree in Biology from Lewis-Clark State College and continued his education at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas. He came to us from The Dalles, Oregon where he worked as a Physician Assistant for an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine group. He continues to serve in the National Guard and has been with Oregon Imaging Centers since September 2015.

Chris Maier PA-C

Physician Assitant

Chris Maier came to Oregon Imaging Centers from Florida, where he worked as a Physician Assistant for a gastrointestinal surgical oncology group and a dermatologic surgeon. The Northwest was not uncharted territory for him; he earned his BS in Physical Education, Health Sciences from Pacific Lutheran University in rainy Tacoma, before heading to Barry University where he earned his Master's in Clinical Medical Science and Physician Assistant studies. He joined the Oregon Imaging team in 2016.

Prior to his involvement in medicine, Chris worked as a real estate broker and construction manager for several years in Florida. Outside of work, he loves experiencing the outdoors with his wife and son. He is an avid cyclist, runner, and swimmer. He’s looking forward to humidity-free camping in the Pacific Northwest.

Jason Olson PA-C

Physician Assitant

Jason Olson brings a comprehensive set of medical skills to Oregon Imaging Centers patients. He earned his BS in Exercise Science from Portland State University, and his MS in Physician Assistant Studies from Pacific University. His work experience includes urgent care and emergency settings in rural and metropolitan areas. He joined Oregon Imaging in 2016 after working at the Cottage Grove PeaceHealth walk-in clinic.

Jason and his wife were thrilled to have the chance to settle in Eugene. They take full advantage of all the area has to offer: rooting for the Ducks, camping, mountain biking, kayaking and snowboarding. Jason also enjoys photography and home brewing.

Melissa Salazar PA-C

Physician Assitant

A native Oregonian, PA Melissa Salazar joined us in 2012, bringing over six years of experience in Interventional Radiology. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2001 with her Bachelor’s, then went on to complete her Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Pacific University in 2005. She took a position with Northwest Radiologists in Bellingham, WA, working there until 2008 when she relocated to Michigan for her husband's education. For four years she worked within a 1,000+ bed teaching hospital, again in Interventional Radiology,

before happily returning to the Pacific Northwest.

As a certified Physician Assistant, Melissa performs inpatient and outpatient procedures, as well as does physical exams, orders labs, and writes prescriptions, all of which improve efficiency and allow the radiologists to focus on complex cases. She also educates patients on their conditions and recommended procedures, and acts as a consultant for referring services, enhancing continuity and quality of patient care.