Picture Good Health

Oregon Imaging Centers provides a full range of imaging services for patients from all over Oregon. We are singular in purpose: to provide the high quality imaging and
interpretations that allow for the best patient outcomes. Precise and appropriate imaging helps your physician determine how to care for you best. Our interpretations of the images we obtain from a full suite of equipment can identify and rule out the source of symptoms and literally give your physician a view of what’s happening inside your body.

Each patient matters to us and we are equipped to image every part of the body. We are adept at caring for the very young, the very old and everyone in between.

Our services include:

We care for patients at two locations:

University District: Located in the Physicians & Surgeons Building across from Sacred Heart Medical Center, this is a convenient Eugene location for many patients. We perform a full range of studies at this clinic, including those using our 3T MRI, new low-dose CT, and multi-study ultrasound services.

RiverBend Pavilion: This clinic is in the Pavilion Building next to Sacred Heart Medical Center-RiverBend, in Springfield. This is the home of our PET/CT, X-Ray, MRI services and our Breast Center.  We perform digital 3D tomography mammography and ultrasounds, and breast biopsies, along with offering the resources of our Breast Patient Navigator.