Alex was born in Sweden and spent the first decade of his life there.  He then moved to the US and lived in the Boston area before making his way westward. Alex initially worked as an emergency room charge nurse in St. Louis before earning his Physician Assistant credentials at OHSU in Portland, OR. He decided to pursue the PA profession so he could work in a procedural specialty. He feels that working in Interventional Radiology for Radiology Associates has been an incredibly good fit for him because he is able to utilize his skillset and interests in detail oriented work.

Alex moved to Eugene with his partner Sonja, who is also a PA. In his free time, he likes to find recipes to make new and delicious food, as well as keep up his Scandinavian home cooking skills.

Alex and Sonja enjoy exploring the many local hiking trails and the different landscapes Oregon has to offer.

Next on his list?  A puppy!